Sunday, May 8, 2011

Itty Bitty Bows

Today is Mother's Day, and even though we did not do anything remarkable, I had a most wonderful day with my 2 kids and husband.  My son is almost 3 now, so the terrible 2's are finally starting to die down a little and he is so much more fun to talk to and play around with.  My little Peanut is 11 months, and she has such a great personality that you cannot help but be happy when she is with you.  I am very lucky in motherhood  :)
ahhh...anyhow, I have been keeping very busy with trying to get the webpage done.  It is hard to find time to do such a big project, but it is coming together and I hope that soon all my shopping will be on the webpage and no longer on FB.  I will still post items there for everyone to see, and will still do sales there, but the shopping will all be on the site.  It will be easier for me and a lot easier for customers!!!  :)
Lately I have been working on fabric flowers and button pony holders.  They are not quite ready to show yet, but they will be soon!  What I have also done a lot of is use up some ribbon scraps.  I have lots of great ribbon pieces that are too small to make anything large, but too cute to get rid of, so I started making itty bitty bows.  Most of them are sold individually, but I have a couple pairs as well.  I just love how cute they are, and yet again I find it hard to not give them all to my daughter!!!  These are a few of my favorites so far!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Too bad they go by too fast!!

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