Thursday, March 31, 2011

More new stuff!

Hi everyone!  Sick kids and teething have been keeping me super busy lately!  My son is almost 3 and fighting back and forth between teething, colds, and just being 3.  He is just too cute but is such a handful sometimes!  Gotta love him!  My little girl is almost 10 mos now...oh how fast it goes!--and she is teething too and has an ear infection!  Hopefully everyone will get teeth and get better really soon! 

In the mean time I have made a few new types of bows.  I am really trying to branch out and add more things to see what the favorites are for my customers.  This is a sports-theme bow that I made recently.  I have soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, ballet, cheerleading, and even something for the horse enthusiast--but I can't post them all!

I've also started a "deal/item of the week" promo on my FB store.  This week is children's scarves 2 for $5 with free shipping.  I think this will be a good way to showcase some items that get lost in the shuffle sometimes.  I am still kicking around the idea of a website, but it is a LOT of work!  I am torn between having someone do it for me and my husband wanting to do it himself.  There are not enough hours in the day for a FT job, 2 kids, my business and building a website--but I am sure we will figure something out!

I think my next giveaway will be on my blog.  It may not be for a while--and it may just be for my own store, but we will see!  I'm looking into it!

Happy April Fool's tomorrow!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Feather, Felt, & Bows...OH MY!

So lately I have REALLY been pushing to get some new things ready for sale!  I have "Felties"---small felt appliques on a clip or pony holder---in all shapes, sizes, and different designs.  I have also made several new flower, ribbon, and buggy clips.  One of the most fun things I have been playing around with are feathers--what a mess, but what fun!  I have made headbands and hair clips so far!  They are really cute!!!
I am also thinking about starting my own website---not too sure yet, but I'm looking into it.  Any thoughts???
Have a great week!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway winners!

This was just a BLAST to do!!  This is the list of winners for the 1000 fan giveaway. Congrats to all and THANK YOU to the greatest fans out there :)  ~Harmony

Bobbles & Peanuts ANGEL EARRINGS
Bubble Bee Creations    NICOLE STIERS
Happily Ever Crafter   KRISTINA WOLFE
Posh Girl Bow*tique    KIM PROPP BELCHEFF
Amaya's Bowtique    TRICIA STOTTS OWENS
Creations and Artbylisak    RHONDA BAILEY
Loving Lorelei      NICOLE STIERS
Kidz Book Store   JOHN KERSHUK
Adventures of My Family of 8    NICOLE STIERS
itsybitsybabybows   MALIKA LIGGIN
Blooming Hairlooms  SANDRA VAN SCYOC DUPAL
Modern Cameo   ERIN ECKLUND
Gigi's Glitzy Boutique   SHAKEETA WILLIAMS
Pretty Chicky Boutique  TRISHA FOERSTER
Little Diamonds Models (#1)  MELISSA TER MEER
Little Diamonds Models (#2)   BRANDY LYNN DODGE LIVINGSTONC
ollage Space   ASHLEY SIEGLE
Stella and Dot Independent Stylist, Renee Musco Bauco  ERICA RENE KING
RockStar Photography by Michelle Nunn   LISA TAYES PARKER
Favor Boutique by Angelique   CHRISTINA HAMPTON KLINE
Sparkles & Stars Models (#1)   SHARON JOYCE-KEANES
parkles & Stars Models (#2)    SYREASE JASPER MCCULLOUGH
Love you Always & Forever (blog prize)  OUR FULL HOUSE
Love you Always & Forever   TIFFANY GOON
Madelynn's Closet   ASHLEY SIEGLE
*KnZ Boutique*   ASHLEY SIEGLE
Mommy's Money Saving Obsession   SARAH WARREN ELLSWORTH
Cranky Cat studio  BRITTANY GARRETT
Designs by Janessa  KAYLEIGH HATFIELD
Bobbi's Bowdacious Bows  SARAH PAULS
Beth Henry ~ Independent Scentsy Consultant   BREANNA TORRES
Made With Love Family Crafts   DANIELLE ABRAHAM
Coo Chi Coo Boutique  DARLENE ARNOLD
Yelly Belly Designs   DARLENE ABRAHAM
Belly Bell's Bowtique   ERIN LENORE COWAN
Monkey'n Around  BOBBI JO WILLIAMS
Monkey Socks and Friends 25% COUPON  REBECCA FITKIN JONES
Monkey Socks and Friends Baby Monkey  TIFFANY GOON
Monkey Socks and Friends  Scruff  TRISH LEE MORRISON
Lovely Little Treasures   DANIELLE BUTLER
The Wright Jewelry  NICOLE STIERS
Boot's Boutique  AMBER KLINE
Go Wickless With Debbie ~ Independent Scentsy Consultant  MIRIAM GREENE HAIL
Cranky Cat studio   BRITTANY GARRETT
Discovery Toys- Play to Achieve    PAULITA HORNE
CountryQT Baby Boutique   ROBYN SHACKLETON
Just Jewelry ~ Beth Torquato   LISA GARNER

Monday, March 21, 2011

WOW! Lots happening in a short time!

Things are really taking on a life of their own at Bobbles & Peanuts!  I am almost up to 1300 fans on Facebook, and I have recently had a lot of orders as well as several people cashing in on their winnings in several of the giveaways I have sponsored over the last few weeks!  Lots of items going to lots of different people!  I also have some new modeling pics of my things--one of a flower/headband set and one of a child's scarf--CUTE

I just LOVE to see these--I could look at them all night--LOL!
While the giveaway is on I am working like a mad-woman to make new things--lots of new bows and flowers!  I really want a FLOOD of new stuff to show off once this is all said and done!
The 1000 fan Bobbles & Peanuts Giveaway is on NOW on my Facebook page and ends March 24, 2011.  The same day the giveaway ends I will be ending my promo for the tutu/clip combos--sale price $30 SHIPPED!  I will have to start having separate prices for small, medium, and large, so right now this is a GREAT deal--especially with Easter right around the corner!
Hear that--it is Spring knocking at the door--COME IN PLEASE!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy Busy :)

Well, Bobbles & Peanuts is just over 1 month old now, and I am seconds from being at 1000 fans!  I have to say that I am a little proud of myself!  I was so afraid to do this, and here I am with all these accesories and a TON of fans! It really feels great.  In honor of 1000 fans I am having a giveaway (as soon as I get there--maybe even opening today!).  It is very large--which is what I wanted (even if it is a lot of work).  Last count I had 43 sponors---SO AWESOME!  I really tried to get lots of different types of things this time around too, and for the most part I think I have a nice assortment of items up for grabs.  Stop by my Facebook page and check it out! 
On another note I have been making lots of new things.  I stopped posting them once I started working on the giveaway, but these are a couple of the new items you can find on my FB store.  There will be more once the giveaway is done (but right now that is my big focus)

you can find ALL of these on my FB page. Have a WONDERFUL St Patty's Day!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tutu and Accesory Combos!

I've decided to start offering tutu/clippy combos.  I made a few for Easter and so far have had a great response.  These are the 2 that I made so far!
They are both for sale on my Facebook page.  I am also making some for birthday gifts starting tonight.  I am pricing them at $30 for tutu and clip, and $33 for tutu, clip, and crocheted hat--shipping included!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

cape pic!

I could not get this to attach to my last post, but this is a sample of one of my capes!  My son thinks this is Lightening McQueen's checkered flag!!  :)

Blog Hops, Boo Boo Bunnies, and Capes!

I've recently come across a couple great blogs that have "blog hops" (the buttons are at the bottom on my page--check them out!).  It's a really great way to find out about a lot of new sites and get good information on a lot of different topics!  Take a peek!
I started making Boo Boo Bunnies for Easter-time.  They're a great, fun, and practical thing to add to any Easter Basket and still be festive.  They are $3 each or 2 for $5 and available on my Facebook Store
I've also added a little something for the boys out there too!  I have several styles of fleece capes available.  These are really cute and great for the imagination at play!  They are $14 each and available on my Facebook Store

Sunday, March 6, 2011

More new stuff!

I have really been working my tail off the last few days--the last of the Easter clips are all done;  new flowers are done;  I added crochet hats to my inventory (didn't make them, but have had people ask for them ,so here they are!);  more korky bows (I REALLY like making these!);  and lots of other fun stuff too!  Somewhere in there I hit 500+ fans on my FB page, which is GREAT!!  Trying to have a mini-freebie for someone after hitting 500, but on my second attempt, no one has claimed their freebie..hmmm...I love free stuff, I thought everyone did!!  LOL!  Anyway, enjoy what is left of the weekend!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Easter Bobbles

Just wanted to share a few of my new hair accesories for Easter.  I love Easter--time with family and to me it's like the unofficial start of the better weater!  All of these are for sale on my FB store.  One ribbon says Happy Easter, and the other style is jelly beans!  CUTE!  They're something a little different to pair with your Easter outfit.  I am working on another style that I hope to be done with today!
I also added crochet hats to my inventory--I didn't make them, but have had some requests to carry them to be able to clip flowers onto!  Check out out on my FB page---I have chocolate, black, and oatmeal colors right now!  I'm hoping to have headbands soon too!
Have a great day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Easter Coming Up!

I got all my new ribbons last night!  I also got some more flowers and crocheted hats to be able to offer with the clippies!  SO CUTE!  Among the various ribbons that I received, I have a couple of Easter ribbons that I will be using to make bows and clippies.  Hard to believe that it is already time to think Easter, but I'm looking forward to those first signs of Spring!  I always feel like once it is Easter Spring is close to follow!  Keep your eyes peeled for new pics!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Real Model Pic of MY THINGS!!!

So I have been lucky enough to make contact with a great company called Model Source.  They have great taste (LOL) and like my things, so they have been purchasing some to use on their photo shoots.  It is SO FUN to see my things in real photographers pics and to see people enjoy them!  These are a couple pics from Rockstar Photography.  The scarf is one of my toddler scarves, and it looks adorable on her!

It is such a great feeling to look at these--makes my whole week!  I love making all these great bobbles, but it's so nice to see other love them too!

On another note, I've started making korky ribbon and bows (pics soon!).  Didn't realize I had to "bake" the ribbon--so I am just happy I didn't burn down the house (LOL)--didn't even set off a fire alarm.  My son was a little disappointed I wasn't making cookies though!  They really are cute!

For March i decided to start having a sale on my fleece toddler scarves (like the one pictured).  Warm weather is on the way, so out with the cold weather gear.  They are buy-one-get-one-half-off (so 2 scarves for $6).  I've also officially decided to clearance the pony holders--so they are BOGO free (so 2 for $3).  Check out my FB store and email me to order
<3  Harmony