Sunday, September 4, 2011

Winners of the 3000 Fan Giveaway

OK--you've all been waiting for it, so here is the list of all the winners. You have 48 hours to contact the sponsors. If you do not make contact I will try to email you, but if I am still unable to reach you I will draw a new winner. On a somewhat bittersweet note, this will be my last giveaway. It was lots of fun, but I am chosing to focus more on the products than the freebies. I will still have small special promos from me, but this is the last multi-vendor giveaway that I will personally hold :)

The full list is as follows (thanks Brittany!)



Bobbles & Peanuts (1)
Kristina Crawley
Bobbles & Peanuts (2)
Sarah Johnson
Monkey Bug Crafts
Breanna Lynn DeSelm
Uppercase Living Vermont
Emillie Rose
Audrey Griffis
Birdie Baby Boutique
Brittany Rush
Discovery Toys Michele Freeman
Tracy Jason Chris

Happily Ever Crafter
Julie Jencks
Loop Leigh Loops
Meghan Froehlich-Holman
Serenity Lure (1)
Tiffany Michelle Thomas
Serenity Lure (2)
April Williams
MK by Michelle
Kacy Brown
House of Crazziness (1)
Dawn Smisek
House of Crazziness (2)
Liz Deppen
My Two Hearts Boutique
Brad N Sheri Mcwilliams
3 Little Birds Boutique
Sarah Leatherman
CJN Flowers & Primitives
Laura Kemberling
 Raphael Antonio
Jessica Layne Eramian
5R Jewelry
Julie Jencks
BowBiz Dog Bows
Sarahann Bowers Powell
That's a Wrap With Ang
Tracy Lynn
Izzy B Tees
Amy Allen
Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent
Wendi Niccole

RubyKinz Hair Accessories
Kandi AndSimon
Girly Stitches
Melissa Stephens
Gotta Have It
Jessica Lynn Hebert
Amber McLanahan
4Hankins Crochet
Leslie Schooley-Harris
Mandy Rogers Stoffle
The Wrap Around the Block Shoppe
Jessica Jahns Wegesin

Lemonade Couture
Amber Tierney
Twinkle Blossoms
Mindy Wreckher Gonzales
Hair Dolls Hair Accessories
Kimmie  Barnes
Bum Huggers
Bonnye Sensenig
Snugglebug Baby Boutique
Melissa Moore Boyle
Kate's Curios
Amber Tierney
Rhegan's Ribbons
Jaclyn Edolo
Tweeten's Greetins - Handmade Greeting Cards
Christalee Shivers

From Dimples To Curls
Hannah Windless
Words on Rice
Carla Boyd Chambers
LooHoo Creations (1)
Bonita Adkins
LooHoo Creations (2)
Jolene Egley Howes
Kathy's Jewels
Karri Michael
Serious Scent Lovers
Brittany Chandler
Moosters Pixie Dust
Gail Gray
Lovely Fleur - Handmade Jewelry
Hattie Ramos-Bruner

Williams Family Ayre-Designs (1)
Ashley Byers
 Williams Family Ayre-Designs (2)
Christena Davidson
Williams Family Ayre-Designs (3)
Teresa Lee
Williams Family Ayre-Designs (4)
Hattie Ramos-Bruner
Sydney Street Burnside
PPLL - Pamela's PartyLite Lovers
Jolene Egley Howes
Amber Flynn (PurplePoppy)
Amanda Whitaker Snapp

My Darling Designs
Michaela Ammirato
My 3 Sweet Peas Boutique (1)
Hannah Windless
My 3 Sweet Peas Boutique (2)
erika daugherty
Ribbon Revelry
Nicole Davila-Fye

Katie Long , It Works Independent Distributor 
Christine Bates

Beaded Pens and More
Ashley Griffin
Every Girl Deserves A Miche Bag
Christina Watson
 Filigree & Flowers
Priscilla Post
 Pinky Melon
Jamie DuBois
Tiny Tush
Becky Hensley
Bobbi's Bowdacious Bows
Tammy Dalton
Treasured Forever Photography (1)
Em Hubi
Treasured Forever Photography (2)
Jamie DuBois
Khloe's Bow-tique
Mami Wexler
Cutesy Tushies Cloth Diapers
Amber Houser
Elli's Bows
Dawn Smisek
Bonita Adkins
Bun in the Oven
Hattie Ramos-Bruner
Rebecca Witcher
Rainbow Monster
Chelle Starfire Futch
The Trendy Tutu
Ashley Pedzinski
Lil Lady Boutique
Courtney Robinson
Sweetpeas and Bumblebees (by Kristin Morton)
Valerie Grooms

Mommy's Coupon Fairy
Ericka Barton

Organic Skincare Consultant - Julie Vander Woude
Shantel Davis

Mamie Co.
Robin Michelle Hamilton Blankenship

Peace Love & Polka Dots
Sarah Miller
Cute Covers
Marin Mandrick
Sara Faulks
 Body Wrap Girl
Tiffany Sullivan
Nicole Tackett
NayNay's Custom Bowtique
Candace Roy
Loops of Love
Sara Faulks
5M Creations
Jolene Egley Howes

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  1. Wow, that IS exciting. I have contacted the sponsor of my lovely gift.

    Thanks so much, Bobbles and Peanuts, for putting this huge event together! :) :) :)