Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nap-Time Games!!!

I have been trying to figure out a way to have games on my FB site and not break any rules--and also not go broke (it's hard to just give things away!!).  I have decided that since Friday I am home alone with the kids, I will take advantage of nap-time and start a semi-regular "Nap-Time Games" (maybe 2-3x/month if it goes well!).  I am going to showcase some of my things, have some sales, and also open it up to some sponsors...about 8-10 businesses to include and show off their goods.  It will NOT be for free items (sorry everyone, but you will have to go elsewhere for freebies!), but for gift certficates (that is kind of free!), free shipping deals, sales, coupons, or any other offer like these that I or someone else want to give.  It stays in the rules and still lets me put some great things out there and give some love to other shops too. 
SO---the rules are on my FB page.  Nap-Time Games will start this Friday (April 8) at 1PM EST and go for about an hour (as long as nap-time for my kiddos!).  All winners will be posted right away.  Stop by, meet some new people and new shops, and have some fun at nap-time!  See you there!

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