Monday, March 21, 2011

WOW! Lots happening in a short time!

Things are really taking on a life of their own at Bobbles & Peanuts!  I am almost up to 1300 fans on Facebook, and I have recently had a lot of orders as well as several people cashing in on their winnings in several of the giveaways I have sponsored over the last few weeks!  Lots of items going to lots of different people!  I also have some new modeling pics of my things--one of a flower/headband set and one of a child's scarf--CUTE

I just LOVE to see these--I could look at them all night--LOL!
While the giveaway is on I am working like a mad-woman to make new things--lots of new bows and flowers!  I really want a FLOOD of new stuff to show off once this is all said and done!
The 1000 fan Bobbles & Peanuts Giveaway is on NOW on my Facebook page and ends March 24, 2011.  The same day the giveaway ends I will be ending my promo for the tutu/clip combos--sale price $30 SHIPPED!  I will have to start having separate prices for small, medium, and large, so right now this is a GREAT deal--especially with Easter right around the corner!
Hear that--it is Spring knocking at the door--COME IN PLEASE!!

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