Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Real Model Pic of MY THINGS!!!

So I have been lucky enough to make contact with a great company called Model Source.  They have great taste (LOL) and like my things, so they have been purchasing some to use on their photo shoots.  It is SO FUN to see my things in real photographers pics and to see people enjoy them!  These are a couple pics from Rockstar Photography.  The scarf is one of my toddler scarves, and it looks adorable on her!

It is such a great feeling to look at these--makes my whole week!  I love making all these great bobbles, but it's so nice to see other love them too!

On another note, I've started making korky ribbon and bows (pics soon!).  Didn't realize I had to "bake" the ribbon--so I am just happy I didn't burn down the house (LOL)--didn't even set off a fire alarm.  My son was a little disappointed I wasn't making cookies though!  They really are cute!

For March i decided to start having a sale on my fleece toddler scarves (like the one pictured).  Warm weather is on the way, so out with the cold weather gear.  They are buy-one-get-one-half-off (so 2 scarves for $6).  I've also officially decided to clearance the pony holders--so they are BOGO free (so 2 for $3).  Check out my FB store and email me to order
<3  Harmony

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